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Server Mods

Post  Japeal on Fri Jul 08, 2011 12:26 am

Server Mod information

Request Mods for the Minecraft Server here, find commands, and see what mods we have!

Planned to be Installed:

Installed Mods:

LWC v3.21

Crowd Control v0.27.01

AdminCmd v4.15

Mods Requested:

Server Commands

Commands marked in bold can be used by everyone


Commands for locking and securing your property. This mod can lock Chests, Dispensers, Furnaces, Doors, Signs and Trap doors

/lwc -c <type> Create a public proctection anyone can use, but no one can protect themselves

password <Password> Create a password-protected protection with the entered password.
You and anyone else will have to enter the password to the protection when prompted to upon attempting to open it.
When a password is entered, it allows you to use the inventory until you logout.

/lwc -m <args> Used to modify an existing private protection. Syntax is identical except you can use a dash (-) in front of a name to remove it from access

/lwc -u <Password> Used to unlock a password-protected protection when you are prompted to upon interacting with it

/lwc -i Shows information on a protection including who owns it and when it was created.

/lwc -r <protection> Remove a protection from the LWC database

Commands marked in red can only be used by admins

No commands yet!

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