Rules of Server and Forum

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Rules of Server and Forum

Post  Japeal on Fri Jul 08, 2011 12:12 am

Forum Rules

1. We've promised to respect you and we need you to respect others. That means that we will remove any phone number, address or other personally identifying information posted if it violates someone's privacy, is harassing or could lead to harassment or is otherwise inappropriate.
2. Offensive material is also prohibited. Offensive is a pretty broad term, but we think you know what we mean. (You're going to have to trust our judgment, if you don't.) This includes any messages or material that are ethnically, racially, religiously or sexually offensive, insulting or demeaning. It also includes messages that are harassing or threatening to others. In other words, if you wouldn't like it said about you, don't say it about others. We don't want to be censors, but non-constructive negative comments may be inappropriate.
3. No trolling or neo-trolling: Trolling means deliberately seeking to cause damage to the community. Neo-trolling is another variant of this whereby you try to cause damage without making it seem like actual trolling (ie: subtle and intelligent trolling). This can include:

A. Maliciously exploiting 'loop holes' in the rules.
B. Seeking to constantly or massively undermine staff.
C. Massively or constantly publicly attacking the forum or how it is run on sites both associated and unassociated with the forum.
D. Privately plotting to cause problems on the forum.
E. Maliciously breaking rules.
F. No hacking, or issuing hack threats: This carries an immediate server ban.
G. Respect the mods: If a mod closes a thread, or tells you to quit doing something, then please listen to them. While what they ask for may not make sense to you, it will make sense to everyone else who want what's best for the forum. If you are unhappy with a mod, then do not make a public protest thread, but PM an admin with the complaint and we will deal with it if necessary. You should have enough respect for mods and the time which they put in to be able to trust their judgment and the job that they do.

4. Spamming is strictly not allowed. For those who do not know what spam is, spam is the posting of things not relevant to the topic, or anything that takes absolutely no time or thought such as a face or a series of dots. Things that do not progress the topic and/or more off topic is spam. Posting such things will lead to the removal of said post and a warning level established, waisting both your time and mine.
5. We have rules about the Server, make sure to follow and obey those as well
6. We reserve the right to monitor the boards and delete any postings that don't adhere to these rules, our standard site terms and conditions and our privacy policy. This includes postings that disrupt or interfere with our technical operations.
7. Finally, because we can't think of everything offensive or inappropriate that may be said, we reserve the right to immediately delete any posting or ban any user at our sole discretion. (Sorry, but it might be necessary.)

Server Rules

1. Absolutely no griefing. Griefing includes the following -

A. Stealing other's items
B. Killing someone without their permission
C. TNT blocks used in inappropriate places [ Above ground, on structure, etc. etc. ]
D. Lava and Fire blocks used inappropriately
E. Destroying of blocks inappropriately [ Not your property, structure, etc. etc. ]

2. No hateful or insulting comments. Whatever problem may come up, consult a mod instead of getting into a fight. If a fight emerges and a mod catches wind of it, both parties will be temp-banned. Don't drop f-bombs, also. Cursing is allowed, but if you include fuck in every other word its not acceptable. *cough*Jason*cough*

3. Don't build within 100 blocks of the spawn 'town' area. Designate your area so that conflicts over space don't come up.

4. Make houses pretty. JUST TRY, OKAY?

5. I have the right to add, remove, change rules at any given time. Same goes for bans.


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